Hello! We need your help!


A website hosted by Ian McKellen called "A Conversation with Ian McKellen"
has been nominated for the Webbys (the internet's top awards).


Part of the Webbys is called "the people's voice":
it's a vote for which nominated site people like best.
We need YOU to help us by voting for our site!


How do you do that?


* Please look at the McKellen site at: http://www.stageworkmckellen.com
If you like the site, then please vote for it! (If you don't like it, don't bother!)


* To vote, go to http://pv.webbyawards.com


* Click on “Register now to vote” – it looks like this:



* Fill out your details, send them off


* They send you a confirmation email - click on it


* Go to the Webbys site - now you're signed in!


* Click on the text saying "Online Film & Video" – it looks like this:



* Click on the drop-down menu saying "Jump to a category"



* On the drop down menu, choose "Best use of interactive video"
(6 from the top!)


* Vote for the one you like best
(Hint - it might be "A Conversation with Ian McKellen
- http://www.stageworkmckellen.com ")


Thanks for voting!